The Institute for Buddhist Studies U.S.A. is a Buddhist institution for all races and all continents that use the English. IBS was founded by Ven. Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park, in 2004, and Myo Hyon Karin Sima has provided strong support to establish this institute. Dr. Ananda Guruge, who is the Chairman of Board at the World Buddhist University (Bangkok, Thailand), also supported the establishment with an affiliation between the mother school WBU and IBS. IBS is one of the authentic institutions under the World Buddhist University, and is an associate member of WBU. The Institute for Buddhist Studies U.S.A. has been engaged with the Taego Order's Dong-Bang Buddhist College in South Korea that established the academic and cultural exchange between the two schools. The Taego Order's Dong-Bang Buddhist College has a 4-year course for novice monks to earn a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies. Taego Order's Dong-Bang Buddhist College offers a certificate of Dharma Instructor and can provide an ordination for IBS students who are willing to take an ordination. IBS U.S.A. has two important supporters who assist in our academic and spiritual developments. IBS lawfully belongs to the category of Non-profit organization under the state of California. We do not have an authentic degree program in accordance with the regulation of national school system in California, but we do offer students a fine and proper education under the traditional Buddhist sangha. IBS offers two-degree programs:
• A certificate of Associate Arts in Buddhist Studies under the World Buddhist University in Bangkok, Thailand.
• A certificate of Dharma Instructor certified by the Taego Order's Dong-Bang Buddhist College in South Korea.

Both IBS certified programs require 4 semesters of academic study and practical analysis which includes meditation and chanting (selected tradition).

IBS also offers a special academic program for students who are willing to become Buddhist priests in particular traditions; IBS will train them along with the regular programs. An advanced program of study will be provided by faculty in the future for IBS students who want to continue. Our academic program is based on “A Brief for Buddhism” and other scholastic texts referred to as Suttas (Sutras) and Vinayas and selected Abhidharmas. We do not teach liberal arts or other sciences that deal with materialistic benefit. IBS welcomes all races and all traditions (includes non-Buddhist). Basically, IBS would like to educate people to understand the Buddha-Dharma rather than churning out Buddhists without the proper knowledge.