Spiritual Leader

President and Dean Venerable Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park,
Buddhist Director and Faculty Fellow at University of Southern California (99-05)
President of Hua Yen Schule Austria & Germany (94-05)
Professor in the Lomerica Buddhist College (U.S.A / Avatamsaka theory) (01-03)
Visiting professor in the Hwaom sah Buddhist College (Indian Buddhism and History)
Chairman of Mook Rim Buddhist Society International (present)
B.A degree from Hwaom Monastery Buddhist College in South Korea (1976)
Master and Doctoral degree from College of Buddhist Studies Los Angeles U.S.A (2003)
Bishop of Taego Order's Overseas Parish (2006-2012)
Patriarch of Taego Order's America-Europe Parish (present)
Professor at Loyola Marymount University U.S.A. (present)
Course Teaching: Buddhist philosophy and courses for all Traditions



Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park's publications: