About us

The Institute for Buddhist Studies was associated with and affiliated under the World Buddhist University in 2004. Venerable Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park, .Dr. Ananda Guruge (U.S.A), Myo Hyon Karin Sima-Seth, and Rev. Bup Chon Harald Skrabal have strongly supported this eLearning school project. In accordance with the growing interest for Buddhist studies, the members of Austrian Mook-Rim-Sangha made this program available.
The IBS was established to fulfill two distinct differences of interest. It functions both as a college and a non-resident seminary for people who want to be Dharma Instructors or Bikkhus/ Bikkhunis. It is an excellent institute for lay practitioners and Buddhists or non-Buddhists to receive a solid Buddha-Dharma education in Buddhist thought, experience, and practice. It also provides ordained Sangha members with the valuable experience of studying and training with other Buddhist ministers and monastic Sanghas of different Buddhist traditions.

The IBS offers students of Buddhism the experience of a comprehensive, in-depth study of Buddhism from a non-sectarian point of view. It promotes knowledge and understanding of the different schools as well as the cultural background of Buddhism. Courses are taught by scholars and experienced teachers of various traditions. Our IBS allows the students to learn not only the philosophy and psychology of Buddhism, but also to experience its richness of practice.
IBS would like to send a deep appreciation to the World Buddhist University in Thailand and Dong-Bang Buddhist College in Korea who made us one of its associate institutions. Also special thanks to the Chairman of the WBU Board, Dr. Ananda Guruge, who gave us great support and consideration.

Our Institution is linked in affiliation to the World Buddhist University in Bangkok, Thailand, and is established as an associate institute. IBS originally registered as a Non-profit religious educational Institution under the state of Austria (formerly known as Austrian Buddhist University) but currently IBS has registered as a Non-profit religious Institution under the State of California (Number: A0709283). We are also registered within the World Buddhist University; therefore, IBS students have certain rights under the head University. Classes in Buddhist tradition are approved by the World Buddhist University in Bangkok and Taego Order's Dong-Bang Buddhist College in South Korea. After the completion of a 2-year course, a certificate will be issued under the title of “Dong-Bang Buddhist College, Institute for Buddhist Studies U.S.A.”